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... big into natural products brought me some lotion called "Miracle II skin moisturrizer." I thought yeah right this wont work nothing has.I had tried all kinds of baby lotions and all seemed to do nothing OR make it worse. ... (4 replies)
... so i should not give her the oatmeal baths every night? I though the oatmeal bath treatments were supposed to help with the itchiness? (4 replies)
... My grandson has the same problems as your baby, and has had since he was born. He is now 7years old. His Dr. ended up trying several allergy medicines, before we found one that worked, it is called respitan. and for the eczemza, and itchy skin, Cetaphil Lotion , applied 3 times a day, has done wonders for that baby. we have been using it since he was born. slow down on the... (4 replies)

... Our "in home sitter" has been with us for 4 years...when my first child came along. She comes to our home and works about 10 hrs a day. Actually, the last 2 years either my husband or I come home early and she is able to leave. Ends up at about45 hrs a week. Without going into too much detail, she was great! Our son loved her and she was so creative, interactive,... (3 replies)
... You poor thing, I really feel for you, there's nothing worse than an unhappy baby. I'd be inclined to try the complementary therapy route - homeopathy can work wonders for these kinds of conditions and I seem to remember reading somewhere that acupuncure can help with some skin conditions. That might be worth checking out. A cranial osteopath might be able to help as well -... (4 replies)
... I watched this happen to my brother over 20 years ago, and he was so miserable in his marriage that he ended up becoming depressed. ... (9 replies)
... hours and felt guilty the whole time and my daughter was miserable because i that was the first time i had ever left her. ... (3 replies)
... You are certainly young enough to find a new love and have a baby if that's what you need to do. ... (3 replies)
... my son was the worst baby in the entire world, cried constantly, breastfed exclusively, demanded constant attention. ... (9 replies)
... t's hard, i still remember that my 1st child was the hardest to adjust to. I hear ya on the parents too. my "b" word mother in law came over after i brought the baby home, to visit and tell me what a rotten mother and wife i am, and how miserable her son is being married to me. It's not true but he won't stand up to her. ... (70 replies)
... of those surfaces with their "dirty" hands those are dirty too. I don't mean to make light, i have 3 kids, i know what it is like to be up all night with a sick baby and of course how miserable the baby feels, but it's a fact of life, children get sick... ... (26 replies)
... i agree that you should find one and give it time, unless it is aparent that it is making your baby miserable. i was on a bunch of meds too and i had to switch to formula. ... (6 replies)
... le patience when these things happen. When I see how calm and understanding she is, I feel aweful. This is not how I planned being a father. I wanted to enjoy my baby and when I do, it's when she is calm and smiling but once the crying, fidgeting and lack of sleep kick in, I lose it. ... (19 replies)
... Don't give into your husband just to keep the peace. It will only make you miserable and your relationship will suffer worse than it already is. Have you brought up the issue of his running to his family during counseling? ... (45 replies)
... Has anyone noticed that their baby is drinking less formula during the day. ... (45 replies)
... t want a baby soon because I am only 22 but sometimes I kind of miss being pregnant like it was exciting or something, even though looking back I had a rough and miserable pregnancy. I know many people have their kids 2 years apart but that means you would get pregnant when your child is 15 months old! ... (24 replies)
... side, I LOVED sleeping close to my kids, I have 4, and always felt like they were safer with me. And, unless its just an issue for the two of you, letting Daddy baby his baby a little while longer, might not be a bad thing. If we hadnt been expecting double trouble, it would probably still be that way in my house! ... (5 replies)
... It sometimes may take a few days or even a week but it WORKS! My oldest daughter did this when her baby was 4 months old, he wouldn't sleep in the crib, only his swing. He's 6 years old now and sleeps like a log, never any awakening unless he's sick. ... (11 replies)
... I'm so grateful now that they stood firm and taught me that life isn't always what I want it to be. I've been in the military, I almost watched my two week old baby die, I'm raising two beautiful children.....I was ready for these things because of my parents. Now, they are two of my best friends... ... (7 replies)
... bed, but she had to stay ON the bed. i figure as long as she is on her bed, and playing quietly, she's resting and i'm getting a much needed break! and i put a baby gate in her doorway so she knows she isn't coming out of her room during resting time. ... (8 replies)

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