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... ms, as with myself I waited far to long, with the damage being much more difficult to overcome. I'm not an expert with degrees, but I can tell you that what your daughter will need from you most, is your love, support and exceptance. Her recovery and longevity as a functional person depends on it. ... (14 replies)
... Try if you can to tell your husband that you would really like to handle this situation the way you see fit and that HE needs to TRUST your mother insticts on this....Allow your daughter to have friends over, take her and her friends to the Mall, dinner, movies tag along even if she doesn't want you there.. ... (83 replies)
... hter, who is younger, smaller, and being bullied. The father has continued to make remarks about me at the top of his lungs in the house. After he does this, the mother will come outside and initiate conversations with me, I think she feels guilty when he does this. At this point I just feel angry. ... (28 replies)

... i will try hopefully...but i dont when. i have to tell her when she's in a good mood. (20 replies)
... eft because she didn't like the rules. Doing the dishes, feeding the dog and keeping her room clean. And I too needed to know where she was all the time. Being a mother is not an easy task and your mom probably does not want you to get mixed up with drugs, or the wrong crowd. ... (20 replies)
... It sounds like you do have a Mama that cares and obviously you are a daughter that cares because you are taking time to post and ask about this. Sit and talk more with Mama. Please. ... (20 replies)
... Why can't the father take his daughter and bond with her on a week's vacation away from the home? ... (32 replies)
... I learned to explain my reason once and when he kept badgering me, told him "because I say so and I'm the mother not you". ... (29 replies)
... old daughter and the baby that I'm currently pregnant with. ... (12 replies)
... my stepdaughter was 8. Her mother Manipulated the girl regarding her visits to our home. She encouraged the girl NOT TO COME OVER, no sleep overs... ... (25 replies)
... Lately my stepdaughter has been talking about how much her bio mom does for her. The mother never gave her much attention before until NOW, since the bio dad is fighting for custody. Now she is going out of her way to give her daughter everything!!! ... (2 replies)
... up, jewelry, fighting with my mom, getting my own way, being in charge... ... (6 replies)
... She has said that she's not going to let this little girl come between her and her fiance, but they always end up fighting whenever the little girl is over at her place. ... (10 replies)
... You need to do everything and anything to get your daughter the help that she needs. If you are supporting her then you do have some leverage in terms of helping her. ... (22 replies)
... this. I understand the bio mom's side. I understand she is the "real" mother, but she doesn't act it at times. She doesn't have a close relationship with her daughter until NOW since the court date is coming up in a few months. The father is fighting for custody and the mother is putting on some BIG show now. ... (25 replies)
... She will grow out of it though, Joanna did. Your daughter is just going through changes. She is going to be your daughter, then your enemy and then when its over your best friend and not your little girl anymore. ... (6 replies)
Teens Drinking
Aug 8, 2005
... I'm a little curious if you and Mrs. H. are like the couple in our 5 fab that have to be separated because of the amount of "nitpicking" that takes place between them ;) Even if they're at separate ends of the table there have been times that the rest of us have to hold up our menus as a visual blockade so that they can't see one another and the words are deflected as well... (217 replies)
... or influences them in the wrong way and I have to correct it. He told them they were losers because they homeschool. He has cursed in front of them too. My daughter played tennis with him and he pushed her down on the ground. ... (3 replies)
... can't play with you today because i will be to busy playing with other kids..To me that was rude and if that was my son i would have made him corrected that, the mother did not...My son said nothing back he just ignored her.. ... (11 replies)
... I read about the "hug therapy" in a book of my mom's one time. I think it might have been Soup For The Mother's Soul or whatever it's called. I thought it was a pretty cool idea! Good to hear that it's worked for you & your daughter :) ! I will have to remember that as my daughter gets older - she is only 2 now. (5 replies)

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