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... same thing as the other poster that I shouldnt bathe her every single day that it dries the skin out more.So I stopped bathing as often.Then a friend of mine who is big into natural products brought me some lotion called "Miracle II skin moisturrizer." I thought yeah right this wont work nothing has. ... (4 replies)
... and she always has dark circles under her eyes and always wakes up in the middle of the might itching and crying, she is on Singulair and Benadryl and Hydrocortisone cream, but she only seems to get temp. relief. I have taken her to 3 different docs. ... (4 replies)
... so i should not give her the oatmeal baths every night? I though the oatmeal bath treatments were supposed to help with the itchiness? (4 replies)

... My grandson has the same problems as your baby, and has had since he was born. He is now 7years old. His Dr. ended up trying several allergy medicines, before we found one that worked, it is called respitan. ... (4 replies)
... You have a great attitude when it comes to spending time with your son. The only caution i give is that he needs to learn how to amuse himself when he needs to. ... (3 replies)
... I know what you mean summertyme. I love it when my 3yr old decideds to poop in his pants and then tries to clean it up himself and then he just gets poop all over him and the carpet... ... (21 replies)
... Our "in home sitter" has been with us for 4 years...when my first child came along. She comes to our home and works about 10 hrs a day. ... (3 replies)
... so, generaly that is not the case, illness does not come on that most cases. ... (26 replies)
... am writing this, confused, frustrated, angered and very alone. I'm 33 and always dreamed of having children. I dated my wife for 4 years before we came upon a surprise pregnancy. We got married and moved into a house together. ... (19 replies)
... same way. When our son came home from the hospital, I was the one who let him sleep in our bed. Then, just before his second birthday, I decided to move him, and my hubby spent MONTHS sleeping in his bed with him. ... (5 replies)
Jul 27, 2003
... My dh is in the military, and when he got orders to move from Washington State to Hawaii I thought I was going to be in paradise. ... (11 replies)
... No matter if you are 18 or 28, your fiance has already told you he is not ready yet. Believe him. If you do not listen to what he is trying to say to you right now, and you go ahead and get pregnant, you will regret it. ... (9 replies)
... whatever has never been there for him at all. He made it clear that if I left him he would make my life miserable so I LEFT! And he told all of our mutual friends that he found out the baby wasn't his so he kicked me out!!!! Yerk! ... (23 replies)
... old daughter and the baby that I'm currently pregnant with. ... (12 replies)
... terranne, there is so much great advice here i really don't have any to add, just maybe a little consolation. ... (9 replies)
... Although i'm glad i'm not the only one, i'm sorry to hear about your situation. Even though i have 5 kids and it's hard, i still remember that my 1st child was the hardest to adjust to. I hear ya on the parents too. ... (70 replies)
... i agree that you should find one and give it time, unless it is aparent that it is making your baby miserable. i was on a bunch of meds too and i had to switch to formula. ... (6 replies)
... FIRST, let me just start by saying that anyone who is angry with you for not having a job and for taking unemployment needs to wake up and start taking a look around. ... (45 replies)
... Simple sleep training may help, he is used to you going in there now, that's why he wakes up, he knows you'll give him attention. Plus you lay down with him, hold his hand etc.. ... (11 replies)
... It sounds like your sister is envious and miserable with her own situation. Just as my sister in law is in many ways. I try to remember that when dealing with her and treat her with more love and care rather than getting upset with her. ... (16 replies)

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