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... white. Our daughter looks caucasian and doesn't look very much like my husband yet. I keep telling him she's too young to know who she looks like but he keeps questioning paternity. I'd like to know if babies are supposed to look like their father's right when they are born? ... (9 replies)
... Mexican. That's BS that your husband is questioning paternity. My daughter is a clone of me, except the hair and eyes. She doesn't look like him at all! I wish I could show you a family picture... ... (9 replies)
... If your husband refuses to believe he is the father, you could have a paternity test to prove him wrong! ... (9 replies)

... My sister (caucasian) is married to a hispanic. They have three children and all look a little different. The second two are much lighter skinned than the first. And the last looks mostly like my sister. I have a 1 year old (both parents caucasian) and my baby looks JUST LIKE ME. The only thing that reminds me of my hubby is his lack of patience...heehee! I think babies... (9 replies)
... My son is mixed with black and white but he doesnt look either black or white - he looks latino lol! (9 replies)
... My DH is spanish and I am caucasian. We have two children (a boy and a girl). You cannot tell that they have spanish in them. I mean you can see their father in them but if you just seen them on the street you would not think that they were mixed at all. They have brown hair, brown eyes and beautiful skin. They are not dark and they are not light. If you want to hear... (9 replies)
... I knew a girl in college. Her dad was Japanese and her mom was caucasian with red hair. She looked 100% Asian. Her sister on the other hand had red hair and blue eyes! You would NEVER know they were sisters. Genes will do what they want. I'm sorry your husband is being like this. Like you said, if he can't handle it, get the test done and put an end to this nonsense. (9 replies)
... Well not only does she not look spanish but she doesn't really have any of his features either. People say she mostly looks like me. He feels that she should have a least one feature that looks like him. I keep telling him she's too small to tell still. Is it normal for a baby to look like her mother and not the father? (9 replies)
... My S-I-L's hubby is Spanish. Their 9 year old daughter doesn't look Spanish at all!! (9 replies)
... My BIL and his wife are caucasian and Korean, respectively. When their DD was born, she looked JUST like him. She had light hair, fair skin, and his facial features. The only way you could remotely tell she was asian was from her eyes. Now that she's gotten older, she looks a bit more like her Korean mom, but she definitely still looks more like her dad, caucasian nose, light... (9 replies)

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