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... years old a child does understand that he or she will be in trouble when they do something wrong. ... (119 replies)
... Just for the record, the "spare the rod, spoil the child" verse does not condone physical punishment. This is so misunderstood. This verse refers to the shepherds who would tend their sheep with a rod. They used the rod to guide their sheep, not hit them with it if they strayed out of line! I'm all for discipline and teaching children the right way to behave. I just wish... (119 replies)
... Kathy, You better believe that i spank the bare bum!!!!! I am very much old school when it comes to diciplining my children! ... (119 replies)

... My DS is 2 and very stubborn. He's taken to laughing at me when I spank him through the diaper, so yes, I spank his bare bum. I have a 3 lick maximum on the diaper, 2 licks on the bare bum. ... (119 replies)
... I have spanked on the bare butt. It is not to necesarily increase the pain, as many previous posters have said, but to get my point across. ... (119 replies)
... you sit down and stay sitting down', he gets up, I swat his bare bottom once and say 'sit down', he sits down on his own and doesn't get up again. ... (119 replies)
... I am from the old school and did spank my children. However, when a child is still young enough to be in diapers they are too young to learn from a spanking. ... (119 replies)
... By no means am I suggesting that every child needs to be spanked. I have a neice who desolves into tears when you speak to her sharply. She's never needed to be spanked. ... (119 replies)
... I seen a child around 3 years old get punched in his face by his father. that child has a big acting out problem so i think if you spank Too little childern can act out but i also think an abused child will act out. just in different ways. ... (119 replies)
... You can teach a child to be well behaved and instill morals and dicipline without resorting to spanking..i mean if a child was doing something that was going to harm them in a serious manner..then a slap onthe hand and a firm No should surfice....but we are not raising animals here.. ... (119 replies)
... aked butt either, unless it's already naked, like at bathtime and brother and sister have ahold of each other's hair or something like that, but i certainly will spank them, if the occasion warrants. ... (119 replies)
... as far as spanking goes, i think that we spanking parents can agree, it really doesn't take much. just follow through a time or two and i haven't had to spank 'em since. now i count down from ten, and those kids sure do hustle. i say, whatever works, within reason of course. ... (119 replies)
... I have a 2 year old almost 3 and I spank her mostly on the bum if she would not ABSOLUTELY listen to me what so ever. I spanked her bare bottom 2 or 3 times. So yeah, it all depends on the child and the parent's view on the morality of it. ... (119 replies)
... Ever since corporal punishment became "unPC" the serious child abuse incidents and juvenile and adult crime has skyrocketed. If you don't believe me look it up. Or I'll gladly quote some statistics to you. ... (119 replies)
... Sadly yesterday we had to spank all 3 of our kids due to theft from my wifes purse which was found in the twins bedroom,the twins blamed each other and the youngest,the youngest said it wasnt him and blamed the twins saying it was in there bedroom we decided to ground them all for 1 week but told them if the one who took it owned up we would listen to the reason why before... (119 replies)
... oing to venture out and say you fairly are pretty judgementel it is obvious.I myself have seen MANY MANY "decent looking" or even very high class looking parents spank their children. ... (119 replies)
... ould cause probs. I guess we all have to agree to disagree when it comes to the way we bring up our children. I personally dont believe that inflicting pain on a child is a good way to do this and in particular to one that is no more than a baby. Of course we all get angry from time to time at our children. ... (119 replies)
... i was just expressing my opinion..especially when most parents here are saying they use spanking as a last resort because nothing else worked...i never said your child or anyones child will grow up messed up...but i still do believe it instills fear in a child..thats why I dont want to do it.. ... (119 replies)
... not behaved..these children will learn eventually..they wont grow up hard tickets...some do..mind u...but kids r kids...if u believe that yelling and spanking a child is beneficial to them..its not... ... (119 replies)
... I do not and will not spank on the bare bottom. ... (119 replies)

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