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... he never lived with them again. ... (2 replies)
... I was at war with my mother since I was 15, and it was not a pleasant experience. My sister has been complacent with her parents, basically the 3 of them are the best buddies. At 30, I moved very far away and I don't see my family often. ... (2 replies)
... I am nauseated to see parents buying their kids brand new cars for their 16th birthdsys and when they get totaled going out to get another one for them. ... (26 replies)

... and she told him that she didn't like that either. He cheated on her several times and so she finally called it quits but only after getting into numerous fights with my husband and I. Every time she was with him she'd get into trouble. ... (3 replies)
... What is the reason for her wanting to live with her dad? ... (4 replies)
... You are right, this is a different culture, not the culture that expects children to leave at 18. Often, there are plain dwelling limitations so the 3 generations can live in one apartment. The 3 of them seem to be happy (knowing my mother, she may be nagging my sister of finding a mate). I don't know, maybe I want my kids to have cousins, and I tried to give my sister a... (2 replies)
... My parents both worked full time, sure i craved attention but over time you just get used to it... The child isnt going to be living with you all there life, they need to find friends for emotional support and attention.. ... (21 replies)
... m assuming we are talking about single parents and their children here? ... (7 replies)
... but i was being selfish and guess did what my parents do and gave him a guilt trip so he moved back in. ... (16 replies)
... Just thought id share that with you all!! ... (14 replies)
... This is very odd to me. My dad was never a pushover with us. If we asked for something and he didn't think we needed it or thought it was a waste of our time, he said NO and that was the end of it. ... (7 replies)
... I didn't know our situations were so similar! We are a minority, as most people our age are not in this place like you said. Most of my friends my age are still partying, living with parents or in apartments, changing jobs, in college, etc! ... (122 replies)
... As long as you are living your parents home thier rules apply.If you get a job,pay rent,help buy groceries,help with house work too.You live there you help........ ... (20 replies)
... a week and pay the bills and food and still have money to do what you want.". They were of course very right about that fact. ... (26 replies)
... parenting are a must, we have a problem with that at times. ... (26 replies)
... I come from a family of 6. My parents, two brothers, a sister, and me. My childhood wasn't much of one because my parents were both young and immature. They had nasty fights and would drag me and my siblings into their arguments and use us against one another. ... (3 replies)
... This is the attitude I have cheryl....I am a 22yr old female and I still live with my parents. ... (10 replies)
... i was a cheerleader, sang in two choirs, was on commitees and in drama, my parents came to one event out of literally hundreds over six years. used to bug me, but now, i go to every little thing my kid does, and it doesn't bother me anymore. ... (10 replies)
... hi i am replying to this cuz i just turned 21 so i can still very clearly remember what my parents were like and alls i can say is that when i was still living at home i did hate my parents well i thought i did, to me they were dumb and idiots and didnt know nothing. ... (64 replies)
May 3, 2005
... I have the same issue... my parents never had much money, and still don't, but it's little things that get to me. My brother is 19 and still living at home. It made me so angry to see the things he got away with and never got in trouble for. He's an adult now and they still bail him out at every turn. ... (11 replies)

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