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... rs give out those planners to write down every assignment in. It may be a good idea for some who truly would forget, but I think that some probably rebel against homework because those planners and constant reminders about "responsibility" make some responsible kids get fed up by this juvenile activity... ... (8 replies)
... When it comes to assignments he has to do as a homework or study hall a big F, which all adds together a horrible grade.. ... (8 replies)
... a teenage boy should know how to do his homework by now, though you as a parent should be available when he needs your help. if he needs help with the subjects that he finds more difficult you should then give him help. if it's something you yourself don't know then get some help from the internet or ask someone that may be able to help in that particular subject. if your... (1 replies)

... how help a teenage boy to do his homework (1 replies)
... teenage son won't do his homework (4 replies)
... Do you think he's avoiding homework because he is not understanding whatever subject it is? ... (4 replies)
... I have a very bright teenage son in 9th grade. He is normally such a great boy, but he just will not do his homework and turn it in. He gets good marks as far as respect etc in class. ... (5 replies)
... DAILY contracts with my sons teachers, each day, they sign off if he behaved in class, and if he did all his assignments, etc....and he has to fill in what's for homework that night, and the teachers initial it to ensure he wrote it all down. I sign them nightly for the teachers, or he gets detention. ... (8 replies)
... t do their homework or are not in at the time set for them to be in. ... (4 replies)
... Why was my daughter writing standards for homework when it was specifically 4 kids causing the problems that day.... i HATE that! ... (8 replies)
... The school he goes to is really tough on the kids..For example last year i was in the hospital for four days he had a test he had to bring home to have signed by a parent(The school does this with all their test good or bad).. Well at that time my in laws were taking care of my children while my husband was in and out of the house..I don't know why he just didn't have my... (8 replies)
... Kids get like that though, and it's probably just lack of motivation or his teachers not being strict enough. I think you should give him a set time to do his homework each day. ... (8 replies)
... I had another talk with my son last night and explain to my son that homework takes so little of his time..If he would just do it and hand it in on time, this would be all done and over with.. ... (8 replies)
... I was in your son's shoes many years ago. Great on tests, smart kid, but didn't like to do homework or show up to class. ... (8 replies)
... Im not a mother...but all during high school I baby sat my sister in laws 3 kids. I'd go there right after all of them all night, 8mos, 3 yrs, and 7...bathe, feed, help with homework, clean up, do my homework...get them up for school...get myself to school..keep my grades up. I did this nearly every day for almost 4 was rough. I took care of them all... (17 replies)
... could use some advice here. I thought the terrible twos were the most difficult years in terms of parenting, however, I don't know if I'll make it through these teenage years. I have 2 teenage daughters who I love dearly. ... (4 replies)
... Dear Mad- I don't think that Susie was insinuating that she not listen to you or your rules, I think what she meant was- does her mother back you up in these decisions and is she involved at any level of the disciplining that goes on with your daughter? This is typical teenage behavior, unfortunately- I have 2 teenage girls who both think that they should be able to spend... (28 replies)
... ith are Much older and more likely to take advantage of girls her age. plus it's stagatory rape...any feedback would be appreciated. im just really suprised that teenage girls are already getting into trouble like This. ... (2 replies)
... My teen son went thru the same thing. When he did do his home work, he failed to turn it in. And of course he had many excuses why. Each kid is different. first I tried the grounding thing, but what worked best was the reward system! I would reward him with something he really wanted or loved, every time he turned in/completed an assignment. Those assignments that he swore... (4 replies)
... Then he will fail :confused: (4 replies)

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