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... Keeping your child company and trying to make it a pleasant experience is important. Taking the toys away is a good idea. Simply say playing in poop is bad. Smearing poop on yourself and toys is bad. When you stop you can have them back. ... (20 replies)
... rom her the last time she smeared the poop on the toys and she promised me she wouldn't do it anymore. It's been over a week and she hasn't. She's also stopped smearing it on her body too. So, we're doing ok. Now, if I can just get rid of those diapers........ ... (20 replies)
... One thing that does occur to me is that my friends little girl smeared poo and she was diagnosed with autism at a very young age. Poo smearing is very common in children who have autism or other communication disorders. ... (2 replies)

... chatchatty I can't say for sure that there is nothing "wrong" with your daughter, but I was the SAME way as a child. I NEVER talked and NEVER looked at anyone unless they were my parents or my grandparents. I was terribly shy around strangers or relatives I had not seen in awhile. I also never spoke to my kindergarten teacher. My parents were confused b/c at home I was... (20 replies)
... Yea, I'm so glad to hear that other kids have done this too and that I'm not alone. HI, I am new to the board and have a 2 1/2 year old that smears her poop on toys and herself. She is in Parents Day Out and the teacher and director are telling me that it's not normal and that I need to talk to a doctor. She doesn't do it everytime. But I have to put onies on her for school... (20 replies)
... I would also say that potty training is the next step. I know most girls do better than boys. My son just trained and he is 3 1/2. I didn't push it and when he decided it was time he has had not 1 accident in an entire month. I was really shocked. You could try putting her in something a bit harder to get off at nighttime, which will deter her. At 2 my son tried the same... (20 replies)
... I would suggest more of a push towards potty training as well. Try to reiterate that poop belongs in the potty and it's not to be played with. Perhaps you can try playing with play dough or clay during the day and encourage her that it's okay to play with that but not okay to play with poop. Poop belongs in the potty. It is normal, though, at this age to play with it. They... (20 replies)
... dark stranger: rubbing anyones nose, even an animals nose, in feces does not teach anything. it only creates fear. (20 replies)
... I sincerely hope you are kidding. (20 replies)
... Try doing what my grandfather did when one of the cats defecated on the floor: Rub her nose in it. Also, don't give her back her toys that she soils - perhaps you can tell her that the feces she smeared on them hurt the toys and made them sad, so they ran away forever. Then you can either stick the toys in a box and give them back to her at a time when she won't remember them,... (20 replies)
... Why don't you start toilet training her ? At almost 3 years of age, she should be toilet trained or at least be in the process of it! I am assuming her developement is normal and she doesn't have delays of any kind? If that is not an option for whatever reason, I would take her toys off her altogether and punnish her in a way that works well for you both. I thnk it would... (20 replies)
... Well, we just had another poop incident. But, it only involved it being smeared on her body and not on any toys. I don't like that, but I can deal with that better. (20 replies)
... I've been turning the light off when she goes to bed. She hasn't had any problems with that. We've also not had any poop incidents although tonight she was trying to put her hand in her poopy diaper right after she made it and before I got her changed. But that's all. I hope it continues to be ok. The weekend will be the real test because then we'll have afternoon naptime... (20 replies)
... I was leaving the light on so she could play quietly before going to bed. And, she has a night light in her room for when the light is off. (20 replies)
... It may be either or both, there's no way to know for sure. What we do know is that it's very common behavior for children around this age. Therefore, I don't think you should be excessively concerned. Personally, I would try to not make a huge thing out of it. As you say, you don't want her to be afraid to poop around you. If she is, she's much more likely to poop when... (20 replies)
... Update - she woke up this morning and wondered where her toys were. I reminded her that we had taken them away because of what she did with her poop. At first she seemed to accept that like she was going to try to ride me out in a battle of wills. She's a good girl, but she does have a wilful streak and she's very smart. Anyway, she didn't ride it out so well, because after... (20 replies)
... no offense taken - and you may be right. I did suggest initially that the child would likely grow out of it as you stated. But, I did want to mention this approach as a something which could be tried if there was no change in behavior - more of a last resort than first step. (20 replies)
... No offence to this poster... But I do not think you need to go that extreme with playing with mud. before bed your child might think you are out of your mind. and want to always do that... I think you would be just introducing her to a new mess that is unnecessary. (20 replies)
... Ahhh you brought back memories of my son who is now 3 1/2 he did the samething and it would drive me crazy .. He grew out of it about after 2 months.... I think that was my first clue that he was ready to be going to the toliet... But the I think the number 1 reason why they do it is curoisty and attention we also just had a baby who is now 1 .. we laid down brand new carpets... (20 replies)
... This behavior may be occuring because of the newborn or the light on. But why now? You can turn the lights off and see what happens. Did she get up out of bed to soil the toys? Were the toys in bed with her? Does she sleep with a doll? If not, that should be tried. You can give this another week or so and see if it doesn't stop by itself. Or.... I'm going to suggest... (20 replies)

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