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... how do i stop my 5 year old from urinating in his pants (18 replies)
... rol over... and i'm sure he realizes that. Which could just be my answer. This may sound strange but yesterday we were so frustrated, that we made him take his pants and underpants off and wouldn't give him pants. We thought we finally had it solved. He hated the fact that he couldn't wear pants and he was embarassed. ... (18 replies)
... i can't figure out the reasons why my 5 years old daughter started urinating on her pants lately ? ... (1 replies)

... how to stop a five year old from urinating in his pants (2 replies)
... I think you are on to something here! Keep us posted! (18 replies)
... Yes i have already tried shaming him.... good idea though :) And the whole diaper thing, he just looked at it as an easy way out. Can you believe this !!! Nothing phases him enough to last. I tried something new... treating him like a 3 year old instead of a 5 year old, because he is acting like a 3 year old when he wets his pants. No success yet, but he does get upset... (18 replies)
... reply yesterday. But i've began to try something different. I gave my son the choice to "act like a 5 year old" or "act like a 3 year old". If he pees in his pants he is acting like a 3 year old and he should be treated like a 3 year old. ie... ... (18 replies)
... don't pee in their pants only little babies do that and if he want to be a baby you'll put diapers back on him. Good luck!! ... (18 replies)
... nces make them. I am trying to think of some consequences which will make him uncomfortable enough to change his behavior. How about making him stay in his wet pants and he has to sit on plastic or something? ... (18 replies)
... Oddly enough the pee just gets all soaked into his pants and underpants, so there really isn't ever any mess to clean off the floor. ... (18 replies)
... do. For the first year i've tried only positive reinforcement. It rarely worked. Now i am punishing him. ie.. whatever he is playing with when he pees in his pants i take away. The problem with that is he's too smart. He figured out, when he is finished playing with the toy, then he tells me he's wet. ... (18 replies)
... What are you concerned over, her touching her private parts or urinating in her pants again? ... (1 replies)
... it's funny that you started this technique (treating him as a 3 year old) because it is exactly what i do with my 4 year old. she occasionally has accidents for the same reasons your son says. "i was just playing and didn't want to stop." i tell her i'm going to take away her 4 years old and make her a 3 year old again... because she was SOOOO proud when she turned 4 (her... (18 replies)
... llarkin, How are things going?? ~M~ (18 replies)
... ok....after just two days, as i remind him that he can choose to act like a 3 year old or act like a 5 year old....the decision for him has become an easier one to make to use the toilet instead of lying to me and telling me that he's not "holding it in". Very interesting. I've told him tonight that i'm not going to remind him anymore and that he's responsible for... (18 replies)
... Another thing that I did to give my children more control was when I wanted them to do something I would say "I need you to ......" Saying it this way instead of saying "Do this" makes them feel like they have a choice. "She is saying that she needs me to do it, she isn't telling me to, so I have the choice to do it or not. I'll do it". When they wouldn't do it I would... (18 replies)
... Tonight for the first time i gave the chore of his wet laundry to him. At first he did not like it at all....touching all the wet clothes. I thought he might have gotten the point because he did appreciate how "gross" it was. When i made him put the wet clothes in the dryer, he balled each piece up and threw them in one by one screaming "cannonball!!!!! ". Again, he made... (18 replies)
... I think you might be on to something here. With my son, whom is 5 as well, there was a constant struggle when it came to bath time. He didn't want to stop what he was doing to go get in the tub. So, I basically started giving him a choice. I would say," do you want to take a bath at 8 or 815". Mostly he would say 815. When the time came, all I had to say was it was 815 bath... (18 replies)
... The control issue is the only thing i can think of. I've tried everything else. It may not be a bad idea giving him a little bit more control with certain things. Maybe if he realizes he has acquired control with a few other things this may not mean so much to him anymore. I have to think about this. thanks :) (18 replies)
... Do you really think that this is a control issue? If so is there some other areas where you can give him more control? Any room anywhere to give him choices? (18 replies)

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