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I was diagnosed with PCOS about a 2 years ago and was put on birth control to help manage things. In the last 2 months, however, I have been experiencing pregnancy symptoms despite negative test results ( home tests), and had an earlier than usual period last month and an early/extended period this month. I've been under a lot more stress than usual, and was trying to figure out what is going on. My PMS symptoms were just as regular as my periods were up until now with thebirth control, but these past 2 periods have gone by with very few symptoms of PMS, to the point that I noticed the difference. I'm going to the doctor next week, but I'd like some idea of what might be going on before I go (pretty much for the sake of my own sanity). As for PMS vs pregnancy symptoms, mine are consistent month to month, and the symptoms I've been having were not common for me. This includes intense mood swings, breast soreness, heightened nipple sensitivity, cravings, aversions, very little cramping (I usually cramp very badly), and vertigo, as well as an elevated body temperature (I have, as long as I can remember, had a regular body temp of 97.7F, and my most recent, continuing temp is 98.3). I did think I had maybe miscarried when I started my period the first out of the 2 times, because I'd never heard of someone having a regular period while pregnant, but my grandmother recently told me that she did, and the symptoms had continued during and after that cycle. I'm just trying to figure things out, and all the searching I've done is leading me to believe I could be pregnant after all or I was pregnant and have lost it. Any advice?

Thanks in advance... I'm new here, and trying to settle my nerves a little. As I said, I'm going to the doctor as soon as I can, especially about the bleeding, which has been going for almost 2 weeks now...

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