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Hi i have pcos and i am 23 years old. i have been trying for a baby for just under a year. i was referred to a fertility specialist but because of my partners problems as well we will have to undergo IUI treatment i.e injectable hormones assisted conception. The waiting list is 18 months! So feeling sad :confused: Ihave had an ultrasound scan which showed the enlarged overies. Iam also having symptoms which may mean i am insulin resistant but i am of normal weight. But i get hunger pangs and thirst frequently and one dr suggested metformin but i dont want 2 lose weight :confused: My periods are all over the place but one dr said may be b/c i was on the pill for 2 years b/fore. Ifeel angry as would never have gone on the pill if i thought would result in all this!!! Sorry i havent really brought any good news to the forum! Hope someone will identify with me and bring me some hope and good news as really feeling like no hope. Told only have 10%chance of pregnancy

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