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Apr 17, 2003
Last Sept I had an pelvic ultrasound scan done after visiting my doctor due to very heavy/painful periods and because I was fed up with facial hair and acne (not to mention my inability to lose weight!). During the scan they found that I had a few small cysts on my ovaries. Blood tests showed that my hormone levels were "not too bad" as the doc put it. As I was in a new relationship, I chose the BCP as contraception and I was put on Dianette at the doctors recommendation. All problems would be solved...I thought at the time.
Acne slowly disappeared, weight reduced, facial hair was I impressed! But then, MIGRAINES! Totally intolerable. They would last for hours, vomiting, dizziness, unable to tolerate light..blah blah. I was taken off Dianette immediately and was told that I had to find another form of contraception. Surely this was not the only option? Weren't there other BCP's that would suit me?
Anyhow, I have recently changed docs and now have a very understanding GP and she has recently run some blood tests as she was interested in investigating the PCOS further. (I went to see her because I have put on approx 18lbs since having my cholecystectomy last November and wondered whether that would have affected my weight.)She suggested a thyroid test, as my mother is hypothyroid.
My blood results showed that my thyroid levels were ok but cholesterol levels have increased (although I have changed my diet, being careful with fats due to gall bladder) and triglycerides/lipids were high.
I am now also suffering from dark brown discharge for the two weeks prior to my period, also passing rather large "pieces of tissue" rather like blood clots, but darker in colour which is rather worrying.
From internet research I have done, symptoms lead me to PCOS and/or endometriosis. I see my doc next Wednesday for a follow up and to,now, discuss this discharge etc (which she does not know about as yet!)
In the meantime, is there anyone out there who can help?
Is is possible to go back on a different BCP to help with these symptoms?
(I suffered from endo in my late teens but it slowly disappeared whilst in my mid twenties on.)
Any advice would be gratefully appreciated.Thanks.
(BTW I am 35 this yr and am a smoker..tut tut!)

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