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Apr 13, 2003
If your endocrinologist did hormone tests and told you that you don't have it, I'm sure he's correct. I was diagnosed with PCOS after hormone tests. Usually, the egg cannot break out of the ovary causing the ovaries to become cystic. My skin was clear, but I did have these chin hairs (luckily I'm fair); could stand to lose 20 pounds, etc. You're certainly not overweight, do you have any unusual facial hair?

Have you had your thyroid checked? You might look into that, and I'd certainly would go back to your doctor if you're that concerned about future fertility, if only to inquire about it. Best of luck to you.

BTW, after being on the pill for awhile, my periods returned and have been regular for years...oh, and I do have two children that were conceived even though I had symptoms of PCOS. :)

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