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Virginity and pcos
Nov 26, 2003
Hi, I'm 21, and I started my period when I was 17. My periods have never been regular. I figured that it would just take a little time for them to regulate, since I was a late bloomer and all. This year though, I've had more periods, and they've seemed to be coming more often, anywhere between every 30-40 days. Until August. August 4th was the end of my last period, and at the end of August, I lost my virginity. I've been sexually active since then, and I've also not had a period. I've taken several pregnancy tests (which were negative), and I've even visited the doctor, who has confirmed that I am not pregnant. He prescribed a progestin (medroproxyr) for me to take for 10 days, which I thought was supposed to make me bleed, but did not, and he also put me on birth control pills. I've read that when a girl has sex for the first time, it could cause her to not have her period for up to 3 months, so I thought that that could have something to do with my period being so late. But, my doctor said that having sex does not affect your period unless you are pregnant. He suggested that I may have polycystic ovarian syndrome.

The thought of having PCOS is frightening to me because I'm afraid that I may not be able to have children. I'm still waiting on the test results, and Monday I have to go and have my blood drawn so that they can test my insulin level. I am by no means overweight, nor do I have any excess hair, pain during menstruation or any other symptoms that I have read about. The only symptoms I seem to have are irregular periods, and acne/oily skin. I was just wondering, what are your thoughts on this? Does it sound like I may have PCOS? Or does losing your virginity really affect your menstruation? Any comments are greatly appreciated. Thanks~
Hi, I have pcos - and it doesn't stop you having children, so don't worry, Victoria Beckham has it and she has two healthy kids. But pcos can take many forms, I am not hairy, nor do I have acne, I have regular periods too, but I am overweight. Make sure you are eating right, stay off fizzy drinks and sugar, getting enough excercise and generally keeping healthy. You should get your insulin checked, along with other things.

Having sex does not stop your period, unless you get pregnant, so that isn't an issue. If you only started your periods at 17, that's quite late and it took me many years for mine to regulate.

Remember everyone is different, just becuase you don't conform doesn't mean there's something wrong with you. Don't be scared, get yourself thoroughly checked out and GOOD LUCK.

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