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Hi, I also have been diagnosed with PCOS and do not have cysts. But I do have all of the symptoms. I have severe acne when I am not taking BCP's or androgen blockers, and have perfect, lovely skin when I am taking them. However,the price for beautiful skin and very little body hair has been a weight gain of nearly 25 pounds. I was on Diane35 and Aldactone. I went off them to see how my symptoms were doing. They came back with a vengeance. I am now going to try Yasmin to see if I can lose weight while taking BCP's. I am now losing weight, as I am not on any BCP's. I have also cut way down on simple carbs and upped vitamin A, E and C, which is a "power pack" for skin.
I have a normal period, but my cycle is long, 35-38 days, instead of 28-30. However, three doctors only had to look at the severity of my acne to know that it was hormonally induced.
I have done a lot of on-line research and have found very little about dealing with just symptoms and no cysts. Is it possible, as you mention, that I have elevated androgen levels and do not have PCOS, even though I have been diagnosed with it?
The other day a general practitioner asked me if I WANTED to take the Pill, as if it were an option. Maybe I could just take androgen-blockers. ?????
Any words of wisdom?

[QUOTE=Blastoff9600]You dont have to have cysts on your ovaries to have PCOS. I dont have them nor am I insulin resistant. I do have the other common signs,facial hair,weight gain,and loss of hair. The only blood test that came back funny was my DHEA levels which is another sign of PCOS.
There are some women who have none of the common signs of PCOS but still have it just like there are women who have every common sign but dont have it.
There are alot of great articles online that can help you understand more. Do a search for PCOS and you will find them.[/QUOTE]

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