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Hi Julie!!!

I did feel like you did when I did not eat, but when I started eating small snacks all though my day, I stopped feeling like that!!! Try to limit your carbs and go with fruit, veggies or those oatmeal bars!!

Yes, I was on birth control pills to bring on my period because I never had a natural period without [B]taking birth control pills[/B] or [B]provera[/B]. Dr.s go with birth control pills most of the time because of the hormones. This is a personal choice because there are side effects of both the birth control pill and provera.

Ortho tri cyclen is supposed to help with your skin problems. I do not know if it will work because I never have taken the ortho. Instead, I am using Pro Active Solution and have been for 5 years. Pro Active really helps me, but depending on your skin, I can not promise it will work you you.

Once you start an exercise program, you should loose weight. It is known that fat holds estrogen and once you start loosing fat, the estrogen that is trapped will be released and you will start feeling different and you will see a difference in your skin!!!! Try loosing weight before going on any medications.

There is a medication called Metformin, which is given to diabetics, but has shown great promise in women with PCOS. This medicine helps with your insulin, which can be a problem with some women with PCOS. I took this medication for a while because I was trying to get pregnant. The one thing I noticed while taking this is that my skin looked better, my cravings for sweets went away and the hair on my legs grew slower!!! In some women, Metformin even helped regulate their periods. You might want to look into this medication if diet and exercise does not help and before going to hormones!!!

If you do not have your period on an regular basis: Do not wait more than 3 months to have your period because you can get hyperdisplasia of the uterus. That means that the lining of your uterus gets really thick and can cause cancer if not watched!!! This is one of the problems I have!!! I have to go in for endometrial biopsies on a regular basis and let me tell you, they are no fun at all!!! I no longer take birth control pills, instead I am taking provera, which will bring on a period, every three months. Again, this is up to you and your Dr. to decide what route you should go. Since you are boarderline, you may not even have a problem with your periods and that is one thing to be happy about!!!!

PCOS affects each woman differently. You need to get as informed as you can and ask your Dr. many questions. Yes, there are some Dr.s who know little about PCOS, but there are Dr.s that know a lot. I am lucky, my Dr. was very informed and has really helped me and I have been living with this for over 20 years!!!

Hope this helps!!! Good Luck!! :)

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