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I have PCOS. I do grow these two annoying hairs on my chin and around my nipple area. I have to wax a lot. It's very depressing. I also have a weight issue. I'm still pretty even through out my physical condition but weigh more than I should. I took metformin for three months, did not conceive but it actually helped to stop the hair growth. But I developed severe heart burn and my Dr. said the metformin was hurting my liver. So I had to quit. My liver is healthy but it is an adverse side effect. My Dr.'s are basically the best in North Texas at the UT Southwestern Medical facility.
I took follistim injections with an IUI. Didn't work but I did ovulate 3 good sized follicles :) . The IUI didn't take though. We start again March 15. I pray it works this time.
Good luck to all! :angel:

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