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Thank you ladies so much for your responses!!! I really appreciate it. It is nice to hear success from women who are going through the same thing you are.
So Faith-How were you exactly diagnosed by your doctor that you have PCOS? All my doctor did was look at the blood work I had done and then the things I am experiencing with my body and periods. Last month I had brown spotting for about 3 finally ended...and then a week later it started again. I can't imagine having it for over 4 months!!! I didn't think anything was wrong with me because my family doctor ran my bloodwork and said everything was normal and she said it could take up to a year to get regular again. I just thought what I have been going through for the past 10 months was just my body trying to get regular again. Most of the time when I thought I was having my period it would be light enough to only need a pantyliner. Sometimes it would be reddish but mostly it was brown. And yes he did say that by me being on the pill it was masking the fact that I had this. The doctor had me start with 500mg of Metformin and after a week add another 500mg, and he said that if I am not seeing a regular period by Sept. he wants me to come back in and he would put me on Clomid. But he said hopefully by Sept. I will be coming in for my first Ob appt!!! I sure hope so!!! :angel:
Dolphin-I wanted to ask you what were your symptoms from taking the Metformin? I just took one pill last night and during the night it gave me cramps like I was going to get diarria, then this morning it was the same way, I didn't have diarria but loose stool. Then my stomach was crampy and gassy all this morning. The nurse at the doc's office said after a few doses the symptoms should subside.
Well, sorry this was so long, I just really want to know more about this and I just wonder how does the doctor know that this is exactly what I have? :confused: Anymore info from you ladies would be great!!! Thanks again and congratulations to both of you on your pregnancies!!! I pray that everything continues to go wonderfully for you!!! :angel:

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