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Anyone have PCOS?
Nov 5, 2004
I just was diagnosed with PCOS. My doctor is great medically but pretty bad socially. I left without much information. I figured I'd check the internet for information. He gave me a script for Yasmin bcp's and suggested a low carb diet like South Beach. I got a lot of info about what it is but I am wondering about the side effects that I have. My hair has thinned a lot. Will that come back? Has anyone lost the weight they gained with this condition? Will the acne stop? Anyone have any personal testimony on PCOS to share?

Thanks in advance! :wave:
kj im in the same boat. thinning hair 5 months ago, 6 doctors and finally PCOS diag. Did you have an ultrasound? Or tested for insulin resistance? (Glucose tolerance/insulin tests) and iron?

My sister had it and thats how i even figured it out. i had other symptoms for YEARS - irregular periods, skin issues, oily scalp and face, trouble losing weight. etc. it all came together. My sister went on a low carb, yasmin, glucophage, and low sugar and saw GREAT results. (though she wasnt losing hair , too much on her body and weight issues) she lost 25 lbs, got pregnant and is doing great.

What was the one factor that made them diag. you? Also yasmin has been helping my skin but im not so sure about hair (only been 3 months so far) I think its a combo of everything + diet + weight issues (if you have) and takes months and months for regrowth and regulation. Its SO HARD waiting. But yasmin seems to do wonders for ppl with higher androgens.

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I didn't have an ultrasound. My periods are regular and my doctor saw nothing abnormal (like an obvious cyst) so I was tested for insulin/glucose. I seem to have all the other symptoms except abnormal periods. I conceived both children without a problem. I really started having oily skin and acne and hairloss after my second baby--he is 18 months now. The weight wouldn't come off after I had him at ALL! I am starting Yasmin now so I'll see how it goes. I also have been using Rogaine for about a month now but that will take AWHILE to see anykind of results. How are you doing with glucophage?? Is that working for you?? If anyone else has had any luck with glucophage, please tell! My doc just said to do the South Beach low carb diet to regulate my insulin. It's really hard to get good info on PCOS. I've been looking all over the internet. I still don't understand how the insulin effects all this. I'm just not making the connection I guess.
jazz , not on those yet - as I am not IR. On yasmin for 3 months along w/ iron pills (anemic) and a new diet/exersise. Trying to stay away from the meds but im having a hard time losing weight no matter what, horrible cravings/mood swing,s and some pocs symptoms that I think metformin would help - there is a lot of research lately that met helps even non IR women so I m going to consider it seriously

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