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Re: Pcos?
Dec 7, 2004
[QUOTE=VolleyballQ6]Hi. I'm sorry I don't have a response to your question, but I have another question for all the people who know about PCOS. Let's say someone may have PCOS.... If you go a long time without being diagnosed can that cause a lot of damage? My doctor said it was a possibility that I could have it but all she did was put me on Birth Control and that was it. But... yes I have almost the same thing as you jnette97. I'm 4' 11' and I've recently been gaining a lot of weight.. I'm up to 118 which is a little big for me, though it may be because I'm on BC. I don't know... I have acne... My periods are irregular and usually last about a week, but the most was 3 weeks. I was just wondering if left untreated could it cause a lot of damage? Sorry I couldn't help jnette97. Hope you feel better.[/QUOTE]

I can tell you of my experience and hopefully you'll get a better picture of what is going on with me. I was diagnosed with PCOS after many years (about 6) of not getting a period at all! My endometrial lining was literally like kryptonite and was 4 times the thickness it should have been.......doc said that was a rest haven for cancer. That is one of the reasons why birth control is prescribed, so it forces your body to have a cycle each month to avoid something like that. I also had elevated cholesterol, and I am a diabetic. Having PCOS puts you in a higher risk category of developing heart disease, ovarian cancer, diabetes, as well as some other things. So, to answer your question...........yes, if PCOS is NOT treated, it can possibly lead to more problems.

Also, many doctors will prescribe BCP for PCOS. You really need to be diagnosed by an Endocrinologist. They specialize in hormonal disorders and can give you an effective treatment plan. The problem with BCP is that they mask the problem. They do nothing whatsoever to treat the problem, except for cause you to menstruate. Being on something else, such as metformin or spironolactone in conjunction with the BCP helps to regulate all of the unbalanced hormones...........which can successfully result in weight loss, conception (if experiencing infertility) among other things. So, it is very important to treat PCOS with diet, exercise and the medications.

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