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I was diagnosed with PCOS too, my docotor put me on clomid after I did an HSG and my Dh had SA anaylisis done. Although it did not work for me, I took it for 6 months with IUI's and then I did 6 weeks straight of BCP and one more month of Clomid with IUI and it still did not work. We were on a 2 month break waiting to do IVF and we got PG on our own. I don't know if the BCP and Clomid helped to jump start my ovaries or what happened but we now have a beautiful baby girl.

If I were you I would go to a different doctor he does'nt sound like he likes to do many tests. When I told my doctor we had been trying for a year the first thing she did was do bloodwork and found out I had PCOS. From what I understand they make you take the BCP for 6 weeks straight to get the ovaries going again.

Good luck I hope you get some other helpful info.

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