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We're old friends from when I posted the thread "Could I have Endometriosos?" You, Kermit and a buch of others were such a great help to me. I've *finally* found me a doctor that is going to look into actual problems instead of prescribing a new birth control pill.

My symptoms are very irregular periods, even on birth control. As of this coming Monday, I'll have had my current period for 3 weeks, which has never happened before. I started a week before my pills said I was scheduled for, and now I'm about to go on week three. I've had periods that lasted for two weeks, but never three. Usually it starts out with brown blood, not bright red until the 3rd day or so, when it gets very heavy. The pain is so extreme, which runs down my right thigh. I have a pulling, pinching pain in my lower left pelvic area, which usually comes before and during my period, but does also happen any time. I have diarrhea 90% of the time, and I have to urinate a lot. OTC meds only take the edge off the pain, and I've been prescribed Darvocet for when I can't function. I started my period on my 11th birthday (now 24) and they've been horrible as far back as I can remember. My mom mentioned to me the other day, that when I was around 10, my weight ballooned, which was just before I started my first period. I was a thin child prior to this, not overweight at all. I've had my thyroid checked (my mom had this done after my accessive weight gain in my early teens), but that was normal. I've been on 5 different bcp's since the age of 16, none of which help for more than 3 months. This is the first doctor who's ever taken my concerns seriously, and who's mentioned a hormone test, doing different exams and procedures to find out what's wrong. I've had an internal vaginal sonogram before, but this was done at the hospital, not by a gyn., and my gynecologist said that if I do have PCOS, the first sonogram wouldn't probably have picked up on it b/c the technician wasn't looking for that, just looking for my ovaries (which she had a hard time finding.)

Now, after I say this all, Jazzz, I'm not sure if you were directing your questions to me or Barton. :) But I'm sure it can't hurt to post things here.
It's nice to hear from you again, Jazzz, and you too, Barton. Thanks so much for your help, ladies!


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