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I was diagnosed with PCOS over two years ago. I had not had a period in four months, they were NEVER regular unless I was on the pill. I didn't want to take BC pills anymore because of the horrible decrease in libido. When I stopped, my libido came back like a sailor on leave! My specialist (gyn) said that was a big clue that it was in fact PCOS. Normal free-testosterone levels are at 1 or below, mine was over 4! He immediately put me on progesterone (14 days every three months to bring on a period) and metformin. Metformin is a glucose-regulating med used mostly by diabetics to control their insulin. (Your ovary function is related to your insulin, that's why the metformin!) Over the first year, he had to increase my metformin because it wasn't working after about 9 months. However, I have lost 27 pounds since the end of January and my periods have returned! I still take the metformin, and probably will for the rest of my life, but no more progesterone! My testosterone levels are staying around 1, so he says as long as the periods are still coming at about the same rate, I don't have to take the hormones. My sex drive is great, very high with no adverse effects from the meds. He said that is good as long as the levels stay low.
At first I felt that my "female" body was betraying me when I got diagnosed. Now I realize that this has plagued me my whole life, causing a lengthy conception period and irregular periods since they started. I have a reason for it all now, and I feel much better knowing that I can control it with simple meds and diet changes. :wave:

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