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Re: Pcos
Jun 16, 2005
I was diagnosed with PCOS many years ago. The only thing my doc did for me is put me on the pill. I was already on it, but he wanted to make sure I continued to take it to regulate my periods.

There really is nothing much you can do for PCOS as far as I current doc doesn't seem to be too concerned about me getting pregnant....we have only been trying for 8 or 9 months, but I had my first IUI with Chlomid this month and am in my 2ww right now.

I have not been on the pill for about 3 years now but my periods have been pretty regular (especially since I have endo and pcos). I seem to have an LH surge at the same time every cycle and when we did the first IUI, I found out I did have 3 follicles develop, which I think is good (and probably from the Chlomid) and I did ovulate on my own (as the drs office messed up and didn't give me a shot to control ovulation).

Anyway, don't give up hope!!! I know I haven't!!!! Good luck and lots of baby dust!!! :angel:

Re: Pcos
Jun 16, 2005
wow this is so much great information... as you can see from the bottom of my signature i started 50 mg of clomid on 6-8 of this year... and i went in for my one week check today and my doc did an ultra sound and seen that i infact do have pcos...which is a bummer, but i hope there is something that can be done to make me ovulate... i didnt have a LH surge this cycle so i have an appointment on tuesday to go over the next options and bump up my dose of colmid... i have several questions... i was on 50 mg of clomid this month and got very bad headaches... will i get worse headaches if i get bumped to 100-150mg of clomid??? also... what exactly is IUI and is it spendy??? i have insurance that covers everything 100% and if it didnt my mom would pay for it anyhow, but im just wondering what the cost is??? does glucophage higher your risk of having twins or 3 or more??? now the trigger shot to make sure the egg is released, do you do that yourself at home, or does the doctor do that for you??? sorry for all the questions... thanks in advance for any answers....
Re: Pcos
Jun 17, 2005
looks like you've gotten plenty of good advice.
here are the answers to your questions from my personal experience:

1. just because you're on a higher dose doesn't mean the side effects will be worse. in my case, my first month i took 50mg and had headaches, hot flashed, moodiness,cramps, the whole nine yards. but my second month when i took 100mg i had practically no side effects at all. and it still worked because i got a good sized follicle and a great lining!

2. an iui is where they take your husband's sperm, concentrate it, take all the good ones and inject it through your cervix with a thin tube. i'm having my first one tomorrow. from what i've heard it's virtually painless and only takes a few minutes. i think the discomfort is similar to a pap smear. as far as the price, i'm not totally certain. i think it's about $300 a cycle and my particular insurance covers half. you'll have to ask your insurance how much they cover.

3. glucophage does not increase the chance of multiples. but clomid can. it can increase the risk of twins to about 10% and the risk of triplets to a lower extent. but it doesn't increase the risk of multiples beyond triplets.

5. i had my trigger shot yesterday. i went to my doctor's office and they gave it to me. the only scary part was that they gave it to me in my tummy. but the needle was really tiny and it only hurt for one second. you can also give it to yourself or have your husband give it to you at home. it's your choice.

and don't worry about not having an lh surge. i didn't have one either and that's why i got the trigger shot. it does the same thing anyway, it causes the follicles to be released.

hope that answers all your questions. feel free to ask anything.
and i agree with the other poster. take the time to really educate yourself and then pcos won't seem as scary!
good luck.

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