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Re: Pcos
Jun 16, 2005
I was diagnosed with PCOS many years ago. The only thing my doc did for me is put me on the pill. I was already on it, but he wanted to make sure I continued to take it to regulate my periods.

There really is nothing much you can do for PCOS as far as I current doc doesn't seem to be too concerned about me getting pregnant....we have only been trying for 8 or 9 months, but I had my first IUI with Chlomid this month and am in my 2ww right now.

I have not been on the pill for about 3 years now but my periods have been pretty regular (especially since I have endo and pcos). I seem to have an LH surge at the same time every cycle and when we did the first IUI, I found out I did have 3 follicles develop, which I think is good (and probably from the Chlomid) and I did ovulate on my own (as the drs office messed up and didn't give me a shot to control ovulation).

Anyway, don't give up hope!!! I know I haven't!!!! Good luck and lots of baby dust!!! :angel:


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