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I stopped taking Yasmin 2 months ago (after being on it for 3 years) due to horrible side effects- frequent urination, muscle pains, anxiety, vaginal dryness, etc. Since I have been off of Yasmin, I have felt horrible. Although most of those symptoms have improved, I am experiencing the following symptoms: severe hair loss (250-300 hairs per day) for 6 weeks, increased acne, increased facial hair (chin, mustache, etc) and NO PERIOD for 2 months. Prior to being on Yasmin, I did have some acne and some facial hair, however, I had never had hair loss from scalp. In fact, I probably had more hair than 3 people combined. However, since being on Yasmin I have noticed some hair loss, but since stopping Yasmin it has gotten significantly worse. I am so afraid that I am going bald. I saw my GYN and she told me the hairloss is from anxiety, however, after persuading her run hormone tests, noth my DHEA and testosterone are elevated. I am assuming this is what is causing my symptoms. Her nurse told me that I would be referred to a Endo. HOwever, after reviewing my hormone tests and past tests, the Endo's nurse told me that the Endo wants me to wait 6 months and have hormones re-tested. According to the nurse, the ENdo does not believe I have PCOS because I have no history of ovarian cysts (I had an ultrasound about 1 yeat ago and a CT scan this past May). However, can't you still have PCOS without cysts? This is the only Endo in my health plan and she is leaving in June. I have an appt with another GYN in July who I have heard is really good (both my mom and sister go to him) and a follow up derm appt in Aug (actually for my skin). I am so confused and frustrated. Whatever I have, I just want to treat it as soon as possible before it gets worse. Also, I am only 26 and would like to have children someday and hair when I get married. Woudn't an endo be the best person to diagnose or treat this? I have been severely depressed and anxious for the last few weeks and have been crying everyday. I can't eat and have difficulty making it through the entire day at work. This is affecting my relationship with my family and boyfriend. WHat should I do?
i've been diagnosed with pcos, with enlarged ovaries, and many, many cysts. take in mind also, that i'm only a teenager. i'd really like to have kids too, but with the advanced cystic development i only have a 10-15% chance of ever being able to get pregnant. c'mon talk about dreams being shattered! i really don't think this disease has ruined my life. i think you're being a little bit melodramatic about this. i'm sorry but i believe i can say that because i've also has scoliosis, where i had to where a brace for 5 years and finally get surgery. i've also had a malignant lump of cancer removed from my underarm (a dislodged piece of breast tissue) last year. i've also been put on yasmin. i'm really sorry but i don't think you can say pcos is ruining your life. also my cousin had some of the same symptoms as you and she was diagnosed with lupus. i would check it out. lupus, yes like the wolf, but that might be what it is. you have to get a blood test, but a doctor would most likely not check for ask them too. i hope everything gets better for you!

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