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i'm so sorry that you are down. i also have pcos and i was diagnosed in march although my husband and are were ttc since last october. i was caught off guard because i never would have thought that i had it. i had always hd regular periods before i went on the pill three years ago and always assumed that it would be easy for me. so needless to say i was totally devastated and heartbroken. i never had any of the signs most people associate with pcos and noone i knew had ever had it. so i was terrified and felt really alone.
i wanted to write to you and tell you that there is hope for you and all women with pcos. i know because i finally got pregnant this month. it took 2 cycles of clomid and an iui but it happened. i know and pray that it will happen for you too. i know that it's very hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel sometimes, but hang in there and have faith that one day soon you'll be a mom :)
my advice is to really educate yourself on pcos so that it doesn't seem as scary.and i hope you have a good doctor who knows a lot about it. also, has your doctor talked to you about the drug metformin? it's very useful for lots of us. it was for me.
let me know if i can answer any questions for you and know that you are not alone. it's a lot more common that you (or i ) think but it can be overcome and most people can go on to have as many childeren as they want.
lots of hugs and best of luck to you.

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