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I am 31 and have recently been diagnosed with PCOS based on blood work after going off the pill and not getting a period for 5 months. I have other symptoms too, the most troubling one being hair loss, which started about 4 months after being off the pill. However, I am actually underweight, which seemed to confuse my doctors somewhat at first. I had a fasting insulin test, which was 5, but I've read that such test doesn't matter much. My triglyerides are low, my blood pressure is low and my cholesterol is normal. So, I'm wondering if despite this, I'm definitely insulin resistant by definition since "they" say that's what causes pcos in the first place? I am now back on Yasmin in hopes of halting the hair loss, but I'm concerned about the future health consequences of this disease. The people on this board have been so supportive to each other and it's helped my get through some very lonely and fearful times. I am grateful for any input anyone can share with me!

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