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Hi. I have had very, regular normal periods all my life until I hit 40. They then became very heavy, clotty, and around every 23 days. Started growing a little facial hair, also, but very slight. The doctor found a 5 cm. cyst on my ovary and we removed the ovary(it turned out to be a corpus luteal cyst). At the same time I had a uterine ablation. For the 4 years after that, I had my monthly period, but very slight, just enough for a panty liner, but never missed one. Now for the last year, I've had no period. My fsh and lh are both like 3.0 and 2.5, so I'm not in menopause. I found out at the same time, because of pain, that I had a 3.5 cm. cyst on my remaining ovary. I have had 3 ultrasounds in the last year to watch it's progress, and it has varied only slightly. I cannot tolerate birth control, so can't take that for the cyst. My facial hair has also gotten worse, both in quantity and darker. My testosterone is normal, as is my dhea-s, prolactin, and cortisol(had my own tests ran to check these). Does this sound like pcos at my age, and is anyone at the 40ish age also having this happen? I just want to know what to confront my gyn with when she says it might be pcos-I thought it was something that most people have beginning in their younger years, and then it stays with them.

Thanks for any help! Karen
hi karen,both of my sisters have had pcos for has very thin hair at the front of her head and facial hair.the other has a moustache(ha,ha)she waxes.that one also has long thick hair in the middle of her chest.also waxes that.
one had sympoms for years with no periods for years.she was finally diagnosed a couple years ago at age grandma had a beard now that i think about it,also male baldness patterns.some doctors believe it to be genetic,some don't.i think it can be.regular exercise will help this syndrome.after one sister lost weight,she had her 1st period for 7 years.

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