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Just diagnosed
Nov 17, 2005
I am 29, mom of two, been struggling with weight gain even while dieting and exercising, acne, mood swings, depression, anxiety, lethargy. The weight gain has only been a problem for the last 5 years... but nonetheless, an awful problem that is so terrible in my mid-section that I appear pregnant sometimes. I went to a new Dr that my SIL sees for her PCOS and insulin resistance since they are TTC thinking that this guy should know his business. I went and had all the blood tests done and was excited to go to my appt this morning hoping that finally, I'd get some relief.

He tells me that my fasting test was 78.1, a few points under the 81 he said is the "mark" for, I guess, diagnosis of insulin resistance. Needless to say I was disappointed. He tells me I do have PCOS, when I asked what we're going to do to treat it, he says nothing - we treat the symptoms. Another glimpse of hope... to be dashed. He hands me two friggin' samples of Yasmin - a birth control pill. The last time I went on one, I gained 22 lbs... Now I'm 5'3 and wear a size 12 and that's with diet and exercise.... he wants me to take a pill that will most likely ADD weight???? The heavy periods are the last symptom I wanted to take care of. I wanted to solve the rest of it. He said my testosterone levels were a bit high and there was a spironolactone-like hormone in there to help with the hair and acne. Whatever. I want to know why I can't lose weight and why I am so tired all the time??

I was hoping for some metformin or something like it as well, thinking I was a classic case with my symptoms. No such luck.

So tell me, do none of the Dr's treat PCOS, just the symptoms? I don't get it, can't it lead to cancer???? I am pissed off right now, I really thought that finally I would know what's wrong with me. You don't have this many problems and it be nothing at all do you?

My next question is other than an OB, who can help me nail down what's going on with my body?

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