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I was diagnosed with PCOS in 2000 and went on metformin, spiro and ortho tri cyclen. within a few months my skin was clear and my facial hair was significantly reduced. I thought I could come off my meds but my doctor told me that if I lost weight, I could come off my meds. Since then I have lost over 80lbs and last december was taken off of spiro. This past july I moved to London from NY and decided to come off my meds altogether. Within 2 months ALL of my symptoms came back with a vengence!! My doctor here told me that PCOS is not curable and can only be maintained - usually with minimal meds like what I was on in June (1000mg of Metformin and BCP).

Now I am back on metformin, aldactone but in the UK they don't have Ortho Tri Cyclen so I have tried 2 different types of BCP (Cilest and Yasmin) which have not helped. I went to see a derm and she said that since PCOS is hormonal, acne is therefore not curable and once you get off the meds that help with the acne, it will come back (as it did for me). She said the only way to permanantly get rid of acne is via Accutane.

Does anyone have any experience with Accutane? I have heard some bad things about it and am a bit nervous going down that route. I am okay with having to take metformin for the rest of my life but at some point I am going to want to try to have children and will need to come off of BCP and spiro (I am 33). I don't want to spend that time with a face full of acne as it causes me to get so depressed.

Any help would be appreciated.. :confused:
[FONT=Trebuchet MS]Do you HAVE to go on several medications?

I haven't had my period in a year, so right now I'm mostly concerned with getting it back and NOT getting cancer. My new gyno gave me hormones to bring on my period, then prescribed Yasmin for me. She said Yasmin has been very successful among PCOS sufferers, and is good for getting rid of my acne.

I know that while I was on the pill for 5 years (which ended last year) I had no acne problems, I weighed less than I do now, and I didn't have as much hair on my face.

I don't really want to go on Metformin (sp?) or whatever it's called. My friend is on it and is miserable. She doesn't lose or gain weight; she just stays heavy. She's also upset that she can't even have a glass of wine once in a while.

I don't want to be on a bunch of medications! Can't I just treat this with the birth control pills?[/FONT]
[FONT=Trebuchet MS][QUOTE=Lalalane]...I too don't plan to be on pills the rest of my life. When I was on the pills they didn't seem to help anyway. I only had my period once this year and none of the pills helped to regulate it either...
...I just feel like if I find the right doctor who will put me on like Provera pills so that my menstrual will come, I will feel a lot better.[/QUOTE]To greatly reduce your risk of cancer, you really only need to have your period about once per year. Any more than that is (from what I hear) unnecessary.

Pills worked for me, so I don't know what to tell you. I was on Ortho TriCyclen for about 4 years, then switched to Ortho TriCyclen Lo for a year before my primary care physician took me off the pill. My new gyno is starting me on Yasmin, as soon as my period comes. (I haven't had it in about 8 months, so I took a cycle of Provera a few days ago. I took my last pill on Tuesday night, so I'm just waiting - impatiently - for it to come.)

My Gyn said Yasmin has been very successful for those with PCOS. Maybe you should ask for it? Or you could try Seasonale, so you could have your period 4 times per year.

As far as conceiving goes, I don't know what to tell you. Kids are not for me, so that's not something I've asked my doctor about.[/FONT]
Oh that is the other thing..... I have been on Yasmin before. At first it started out okay. Then after awhile I started gaining weight from it, and I began to have a lot of breast tenderness, and a low sex drive. It was weird because in the beginning it was wonderful and then after about a month or two forget it. I stopped taking birth control pills because I became scared of the fact that some people I know who took it for awhile, and is trying to get pregnant now, are having a very hard time. Also when the doctors put me on Metformin in January, my menstrual totally stopped even while I was on Birth control. I didnt have a problem with the birth control pills making my menstrual come until I started the metformin, but the doctors didnt believe that either. Also I was always told that as long as your period comes 4x a year that you are okay. One time a year is not enough cleaning out for your body. I mean I get bloated and everything, so imagine being bloated for 11 months out of 12. I don't know what is going on, except the fact that I want a doctor to give me some provera pills. I had all kind of test done and they didnt come up with any reason why my period is not coming. I have no cyst at all. So the doctors keep trying to make up excuses. Like for starters after all the test was done, and nothing was found, my GYN tried to say that it was because I am overweight. She never even realized that I lost 30lbs since she even diagnosed me with PCOS. It was really apparent that she did not know why I was not getting my menstrual and why the metformin was not working. the only thing she kept saying was well the metformin helps people to ovulate. I tried to explain well it does not seem to be working for me. After a few months of going to her and every month I kept telling her I didnt get my period yet, and every month she asking me if I am pregnant and making me take a HPT test, I got fustrated and stopped going to her all together. So now I am looking for a different GYN. I actually found one but my appt is not until February. I will have see what she says.
[QUOTE=Lalalane]... I have been on Yasmin before. At first it started out okay. Then after awhile I started gaining weight from it, and I began to have a lot of breast tenderness, and a low sex drive...
Also I was always told that as long as your period comes 4x a year that you are okay. One time a year is not enough cleaning out for your body. [/QUOTE][FONT=Trebuchet MS]Now I really don't know what to tell you, lol. My gyno just told me that if you don't have it at least once per year, you greatly increase your risk of cancer, so I know once per year is a minimum. Any articles I've read on requirements I can't post here or even direct you to them - SIGH - because we're not allowed to do that.

Well, I did mention Seasonale. Did you think about going on that? You'll get your period 4x per year. I don't know how many brands or types of pill you've been on, so...

And now you've got me all worried about going on Yasmin. I don't want to get fatter or lose my sex drive - again, that is.

Since I don't want kids, maybe I should just volunteer to have my ovaries removed or something. I don't want to go through this crap for the rest of my life![/FONT]

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