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There are two issues here. It is quite common for females living together to have more regular periods and sometimes even to synchronise menstural cycles. So that could account for being more regular when living with your sister.
As for the frequency of your periods. When I was younger before having children I would go up to three or four months between periods. I always thought that was just me and never went to a doctor. I now have a teenage daughter with PCOS, and PCOS is hereditory.
My daughter was lucky to be diagnosed at 14, PCOS is difficult to diagnose, is very underdiagnosed and many women go for years with unexplained symptoms. My daughters periods had completly stopped for 7 months, I didnt worry at first as I thought it was normal like me as a teenager. Apparantly the time to worry is if you have less than 6 periods a year, as that puts you at hight risk of endometrial cancer. It might be worth visiting your doctor again. My daughter was diagnosed from a blood test, followed by ultrasound scan of her overies. You could express your concerns and discuss if these investigations are appropriate for you.

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