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hi ladiez. i was wondering if it is still possible to have iui with pcos????? i have been ttc for 2 and half years with 2 miscarriges along the way, but my dh has fertility problems 2 so we are considering iui with donor. but can you still have it with pcos??? also what is the risk of multiple pregnancies??? my doc never mentioned fertility drugs or that they will benift me but why wouldnt he mention it? I HAVE NEVER MISSED A PERIOD MY CYCLE HAS NOW GONE FROM EVERY 28 DAYS TO EVERY 40 DAYS BUT ITS LIKE CLOCKWORK, SO I ALWAYS ASSUME IM OVULATING, AM I ??? I CANT UNDERSTAND CERVICAL MUCAS AND MY JOB MEANS I CANT CHART MY TEMPS OR TRY HOME OVULATION TESTS SO HOW WILL I KNOW IM OVULATING????THIS IS SO CONFUSING. ALSO HAS ANYONE HAD IUI WHILST BEING OVERWEIGHT? IVE LOST A STONE ALREADY BUT IM INPATIENT I JUST WANT TO START ASAP. THANKS ALL.XXX
Hi, I belive the answer is yes. You can have IUI with PCOS there are many fertility options for women with PCOS these days. I have been on other PCOS boards and read posts from women with PCOS who have become pregnant
using IUI.
Per your question about ovulation, Charting is one sure way to tell if your ovulating but if thats not an option for you, you could check CM. It's not as accurate but normally when you have egg white quality CM is when your most fertile. I hope this helps a little.
Good luck :)

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