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Daughter with PCOS
Feb 15, 2006
My 20 year old daughter has just been diagnosed with PCOS. SHe had a vaginal ultrasound which proved it. For about 4 years her periods have gotten farther and farther between and very light. She has moderate acne on face and chest and some fatigue. These are the only symptoms that she has we know of. She just had her first visit with the endo and he prescribed Metformin and another Spiro.... something, I can't remember or spell it without looking at the bottle. She also need to go in for another round of blood tests - for blood sugar, TSH, and androgens (I think). I have mixed feelings about what he prescribed her. Metformin is usually prescribed for glucose intolerance or pre-diabetic persons. So far, without further tests, we don't know that she is either. I would think she would need something to get her periods regular. I hate for her to be on birth control, but maybe a low dose for a short time would do the trick. She has never had any signs of blood sugar problems and her blood pressure is actually a little low. (I know the two aren't always related, but isn't high blood pressure another symptom of PCOS?) And the spiro--- med , which she hasn't started on seems to have quite a few side affects. I am really careful and leery of medications. I wish there were more natural ways to go about this. Has anyone ever tried naturopathic medicine for PCOS?
Thanks, Cindy

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