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I was diagnosed with PCOS over a year ago, although I knew I had it doctors said I didnt as I have had children! It was discovered as I was also diagnosed with diabetes Of which the chances of getting are increased if you have PCOS.
Over 10 years my weight went from 11 stone up to 17st 10lbs - no matter what I ate! I am now on metformin 3 times daily and spironolactone for High BP. I have lost almost 3 stone, but it is very hard to lose weight because of the fluctuating blood sugar levels concerned with pcos and diabetes. If you can regulate your sugar levels, you can lose weight and other symtoms of pcos can improve too, eg periods/ excess hair.
You need to regulate your sugar intake by eating low carbs. The GI diet is very good. Also, you must eat several regular small meals/snacks every day about every 3 hours, this should keep your blood sugar level and help to stop dizzy spells. Drinking plenty of water and exercise also helps.
( I once missed out on breakfast so my sugar levels were low, but I still took my metformin tablet which made my levels lower - I passed out at work!
You just have to retrain yourself to stick to the diet and eat sensibly and often whilst on these pills. :wave:

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