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So today I was diagnosed with PCOS. I kinda had a feeling I have had this since puberty with irregular periods and such. I always put it off, and never went to the gyno until I got pregnant ( after awhile of trying). Well I am 7 months post partum and Have been feeling really awful . So I told my gyno again about how irregular my periods were and they did the ultrasound and low and behold lots of cysyts. So she gave me Birth Control.
My question is about your symptoms...are you all fatigued, headaches, mood swings, anxiety, heart races , and did i mention fatigued!! Along with missed periods ect...

I had my thyroid checked in the ER and they said it is fine. SO i am a loss for what these other symptoms could be from..could it all be from the PCOS?
Thanks for reading!


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