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HI everyone~! I'm here to offer hope to those that have PCOS and are worried about TTC. I was officially diagnosed in 2003 - but I've known I had it since in HS when my periods were never regular.

I was placed on Metformin ER (1,000mg) in Feb. 2004 and have been on it ever since. My husband and I weren't using birth control during the past 2 years - but also not actively trying - by which I mean - we weren't timing my ovulation day, etc.

In January, I got really serious about tracking my ovulation. I have 32 day cycles and found that I ovulate on day 21 almost every month. I used the OPKs and they worked great.

I got pregnant in March after only 2 full cycles of actively trying. I must say I was very, very shocked. I thought it would take years.

So - please don't worry and be positive. Metformin ER is a wonder drug. It allowed me to have monthly regular cycles for the first time in my life and allowed me to get pregnant. I am now 8 weeks and due in November!

Good luck!

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