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Hello renae_s, and RomyD! :wave:

I also have PCOS, but I have a colloid nodule. I was suppose to have a biopsy on it but I was having terrible headaches and my endo thought I may have a sinus infection (and I have a cyst on the sinuses), and he was correct. So now he said he will try to do the biopsy before July 3 (this is my next appointment). All of my blood work has come out normal, and he will not test me for antibodies, and the ft3 and ft4 when I am on Yasmin 28. I am trying to decide should I let him do the biopsy or should I just change endo's now. Seems like most people want me to go to another endo. My grandmother, uncles, cousin all have thyroid problems. I have read that 1 out of 10 woman with PCOS will have a thyroid problem. I will never get an answer to this, but I just don't understand why is it that I have normal results pertaining to thyroid, but I have a colloid nodule. :confused: Can anyone explain this to me? Also, being on birth control does not help when having blood work done for thyroid.

We all have to support each other and it is nice to get that here on the boards. I wish my work was more understanding....they just don't seem to care. I feel like they don't believe me and think I am making this stuff up. So between the stress of not knowing what is wrong with me and my work not showing any concern for me. I have been trying to find a different job, but it is tough finding anything decent.



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