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hey barton!! thanks for your reply.. my dr is an re who specilaizes in pcos/syndrome x! my drs dont believe my infertility is caused by pcos my dh has severe mf (very low count/morph) and my cycles are normal, i ovulate etc. and all of my hormones are normal... my insulin resistance can be bc all i eat is pasta (tooo much starch- trying to cut down) and if normall is 5 follicles i have 6 on one side and 9 on the other...they told me some women have 30 or 40!! so he told me i have some polycystic ovaries but not enough other symptoms to be diagnosed with the syndrome. me and dh are having ivf in june, and they want my eggs as good as possible for retrieval/transfer.. ive just heard some bad things about metformin (side effects) and wondering if its really worth all that for me to take it, i a slightly overweight (dr told me to lose 12-15) but i think i can do it on my own.. tryin to learn a lil more about this med... u guess im just scared of it, but maybe by taking them if the cysts i do have go away im hoping there is less chance of miscarriage. and i heard metformin regulates periods, but mine are regular, so im just confused!!!

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