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[QUOTE=ASPROUSEY05]you could be like me and have some polycystic ovaries, but not the syndrome. that is what i was told. my periods are early sometimes but i ovulate, on my u/s i had 6 on one side and 9 on the other, they told me ppl with bad pcos can have up to like 40.. my hormones are normal, and i need to lose weight (but like 10lbs) did they test to make sure u are ovulating?? that is important.. just b/c ur bleeding a lil each month doesnt mean ur ovulating. did they test u for testosterone?? but trust me u dont want to take metformin.. u should also have a blood glucose test to test for insulin resistance, if u do have insulin resistance then u might consider metformin. it doesnt make u feel good, bad gi problems, nausea, diarrhea!! its not something u want to take if u dont have too... i hope i helped a lil!! good luck[/QUOTE]

what test is that to make sure you are ovulating? the only tests ive had done are the ultrasound and the lh,fsh, testosterone, dhea. the last time i tested they came out all normal. my glucose levels are all within normal range. i did a fasting insulin level and it came out LOW (which is opposite what it should be if i had insulin resistance right?) thats why my current doctor is so baffled.

it DOES make me feel better to know that my ovaries arent that bad if people have up to 40 cysts though! my sister has pcos but her hormone levels are all totally out of range (testosterone and dhea are both way high) and she used to only get her period once a year.

so if we dont have the actual syndrome, then whats the significance of the cysts in the ovaries? does that still lead to infertility? could this be the reason for my constant spotting (still going.. day 12 showing no signs of stopping) is there something i should be doing to monitor the cysts?

any input is much appreciated =) !!

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