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Hi everyone! :wave: I think that I may have PCOS. :( I'm not sure though -- the main thing that I have is excessive hair growth. It's not on my face though (aside from a small amount of upperlip hair, but I'm Spanish and Italian, so what can you expect??? lol). It's not thick, and it's not course... just DARK! It's almost like I have the normal "peach fuzz," but it's just darker than normal. I've also had a small amount of hair thinning on my head. Anyway, I'm under 16, I have very regular periods, I'm not overweight, I don't have skin tags, I don't have acne, etc., etc., etc., BUT both my mother and my aunt have had cysts on their ovaries! (Not officially PCOS though.)

This brings me to my question: I'm going for a visit with an endocrinologist that specializes in pediactric hormone imbalances, and I'd like to know what the exam will entail. I absolutely, 100%, without a doubt REFUSE to have any pelvic exam, internal outrasound, and/or genital examination... especially since this is a "teaching hospital" and there will be between 3 and 5 doctors present in the room. :rolleyes: They can see all the hair they want, and take as much blood as I have to offer, but they're staying the heck away from below the belt. I read that if the patient is a virgin, they commonly opt to NOT do any sort of internal exams... is this true? I'm definitely a virgin, and I mean I'm not trying to be too descriptive here, but even using tampons can be painful for me, so I don't even know how they could physically fit an outrasound metal thing inside of me.

Is it a waste of time to even go (because this is all that the exam would consist of), or are there other ways to test for PCOS and other hormone imbalances? Also, have any of you had similar hesitancies about going to a doctor about this sort of thing? To say that I'm modest would officially qualify as the understatement of the century. :blob_fire

Thanks for any help or advice!

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