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Hirsutism or PCOS?
Jun 14, 2006
Hi, I am new to the board, but was looking for some input. I'm 22 and greek. I have acne that is driving me crazy + oily skin.....also, I have a fair amount of annoying hair on my toes, arms, breasts, sternum, navel, upper back, buttocks, and low back with a few stray black hairs on my face. I shave and pluck all of the time, so it is not always noticeable but the acne is what is always getting me down. I just started yasmin, but have not seen much improvement as of the 2nd month.

My derm mentioned that I could have hirsutism, but he just shrugged it off and gave me yasmin. Luckily, I have normal periods, but before the pill they were very heavy and painful but always regular. I also started menstrating at 11 yrs.

I feel like I should talk to my ob/gyn b.c this is really bothering me; however, I am afraid he will just shrug it off since I am having regular periods. But can u have PCOS w/ normal periods? Or does it sound like I only have hirsutism? SHould I ask for blood work?

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