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Hi messy,:wave:

The little bit that I know about PCOS might help. I was dx 18 months ago, and have had a real battle with it. I haven't had AF for 10 months. I'm actually going to the doctors tomorrow to sort things out. (will let you know how I go)...;)
First thing we both need to do is to induce AF (period). I have read from other posts that taking Provera, can bring on a period. The first one is going to be a hum-dinger as I haven't had one for so long. Once the cycle is regulated, I'm not sure how long to take Provera for, but I will find out tomorrow, then we need to work out dates of ovulation. If after some time there is still no pregnancy, Clomid is the next step. I have taken Clomid on several occasions, but, my Gyno didn't inform me that I need to have a regular, proper cycle before I take Clomid. He knew my whole history and still put me on it. Obviously it didn't work and when I did fall preg while on it, the egg wasn't right as I hadn't ovulated properly and I m\c.
I recommened you get a referal to go and see a Gyno and take the steps from there. :)
I lost 25lb in hope that it would regulate things, but, it only made me feel fitter and look a little skinnier. (I was 194lb and I'm now 169lb) 88kg - 77kg.:)
I did read that if you can lose 10% of your body weight, that is a good start to regulating things. I know it's a hard thing to do, but, if I can do it, believe me, anyone can!!
Keep me posted on how you go.
Good luck with everything, I will message you again tomorrow and let you know what my doctor says.
Lots of love to you,
Leanne... :angel:

Leanne 26
DH 35
DS 8 (concieved naturally- was a suprise!!):D
14.02.2000 m\c at 18 1\2 weeks DD:angel:
several m\c since:angel:
tried Clomid several times- failed
dx 18 months ago with PCOS
was on Met but have since stopped taking it as it didn't do anything in 16 months.
no AF in 10 months:confused:

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