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Just Diagnosed...
Aug 31, 2006
Edit:: Sorry i just needed to get some stuff off my chest about the diagnosis.

Well ive been tryin to have a kid for over a year now and AF stopped in Jan of this year. Talking to a friend, i find out that i'm not normal?!?!?! That my very erradic cycle isn't normal ..and i so thought it was.. so i got a referral to an OBGYN 2 weeks ago. Well i just had my ultrasound yesterday, blood work isnt back yet, and ive come to learn my ovaries are totally covered in cysts :(. Great... the ultrasound tech said they call that PCOS. So all in all... my hunches were correct, as they have been all the time so far... I dont know what to do, i'm dreading going back to the OBGYN, i dont really want to hear him say the words flat out to my face. As it is i was already depressed cuz ive been TTC for a long time now and its gotton even worse with the brand new news. So is it normal to not be able to cry? Maybe it just hasnt sunk in yet or something. Maybe ill never really come to terms with it. But right now its all thats on my mind, wondering WHERE i went wrong in my life to have soooo many problems, i cant even count them on my fingers AND toes alone...i gottta borrow soemone else...maybe 2 someones... Just... where do i begin??? This is totally puttin a huge damper on my already depressing life. How do you find those rays of hope that keep you going, that keep you TTC? That keep you living?
I know how you feel Kitten Paws. I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 16. I started my periods when I was 10 and they were never regular. I would suffer with extremely heavy flow when I did have one. Exhaustion and massive cramping that dropped me to my knees. I had a doctor tell me for 3 years it was in my head. Other doctors said I had lupus, chronic fatigue, all kinds of things. The all in your head doctor did an pap exam when I was 12, and I thought she was tearing me in half. Finally a smart doctor ordered an Ultrasound which should have been done from the beginning, and sure enough, I had cysts. I had the surgery to remove 3 large cysts from my ovaries when I was 13. Finally when I was 16 I went to an Endocrinologist who had done her thesis on PCOS, and she checked everything. Sure enough I have PCOS. I had many doctors tell me I would have extreme problems conceiving. I thought I would die. That was my only wish. To have kids. Anyway, with PCOS there is more that just the hormone aspects. Ames is right, they have found that PCOS is well treated with Glucophage because most PCOS women have insulin resistance. Also many women have thyroid issues. Be aware that your thyroid labs may come back normal but unfortunately that does not mean it is normal and you may do well on thyroid. Normal lab values for TSH can range form .35 up to 5.5, but it has been found that most women feel best when it is under 2. So you may be able to find a doctor to help you. Also, have your vitamin D and ferretin checked. Vitamin D and iron help your body with processing they thyriod hormones and help keep you regulated. The nurse practitioner I see is great, she is doing her doctorate research on PCOS. She told me also that with PCOS it is normal to have elevated liver functions and increased triglycerides. A 5 hour glucose tolerance test is the best check also for reactive hypoglycemia. If I were you I would have all of these checked. Don't worry though, like Ames said, there is a lot that they can do these days to help us conceive. They told me I would need help and I would be lucky if I got pregnant because I have severe PCOS. I am now 27 I have never had a normal period and I still have exhaustion, and cysts sometimes. But I got my wish and I have a 14 month old. I had to have progesterone for the first 10 weeks so I did not miscarry but the doctors were wrong. I have a baby. I did get pregnant (I posted my conception story a few links back under PCOS, post pregnancy, and metformin.) Just think positive. Don't let them tell you that you can't get pregnant, instead try to find a doctor who knows about PCOS, is pro patient research, and will help you get pregnant. My NP will run tests if I ask her. She helps me help myself. I live in MD so if anyone would like her name, just ask and I will post the info. Good luck, and don't feel so bad, things aren't so bad!!!

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