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[QUOTE=ryan3]Is eveyone that has PCOS doomed to Diabetes? And how do the md's know when you go from insulin resistent to diabetic? Anyone DX with PCOS then shortly after DM? I'm hoping that metformin and diet help. I just get depressed thinking that I will have to take this med for the rest of my life.[/QUOTE]

No, not everyone with PCOS is doomed to become Diabetic. Not everyone with PCOS is even doomed to become IR. PCOS and IR often run hand in hand, and if IR is NOT treated properly, it can lead to diabetes. There is a different test to determine if you have IR or not. So, if diabetes is ruled out, make sure that IR is as well since if not treated properly, it can lead to diabetes. I am a diabetic, but I was diagnosed 5 years before I was diagnosed with PCOS. Diabetes runs heavily in my family, so I may have just gotten it because it was in the cards for me, however I'm not sure.

Metformin is often prescribed to PCOS patients even if they are NOT IR or Diabetic because Metformin does a great job of regulating hormones, leading to more regular periods, sometimes weight loss and conception as well.

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