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ok, iam 31 yrs old. at age 19 and 21 i had 2 children naturally. at 29, i was with my new husband, and we wanted a baby but it wasn't happening, and i was growing impatient, so we went to a top RE, who did every test under the sun, except a lap, cause no reason to ever think i needed that, my blood work perfect, and i have had more u/s's in my life then anyone i know, they were all totally normal, that is until last month. (btw- had a baby first round of clomid iui, have been shown at least at the time to ovulate every month, just produced more eggs with the med)

on cd10 of last month i got an u/s, cause of increasing painful periods since the birth of my daughter 14 mo ago, and i sort of pressed for it, and the tech said there were some cysts on my ovary (can't remember if she said ovary or plural), anyway she said everything looks beatiful, it's just my ovary or ovaries looked a bit polycystic, but said nothing more. ok, my dr. said the word PCOS, but nothing to worry about, it's nothing, it's super mild, but he didn't do any further tests, and he didn;t exlplain anything really to me, and i just don't get it.

i don't have facial hair, iam more underweight then anything, i am 31 yrs old, i can lose weight quickly, i have no acne, my period was 8 days late this month which was soooo rare, i thought i was def. pregnant, and was excited till af showed yesterday, because we are ttc again, and so i don't want B/C. iam usually 32 day cycle regular, i never miss a month, as far as opks, and CP tec, i ovulate every month, and i did get a blood test that showed i ovulated this past month, so i don't understand the PCOS thing. how can i just be diagnosed with this at my age, and after having so many tests, and having kids already, is this something, that can 'pop up' overnight?

iam seeing an RE on wed. because i don't agree with the diagnosis, however iam very scared, cause for some reason, even when nothing was ever shown wrong with me or dh, we just didn't fall preggo naturally. i was wondering why my dr would say, knoing i want more kids, nothing to worry about, when it seems quite serious.

help please...isn't there more bloodwork tests, or other physical tests i could have to confirm or rule this out, and has anyone else here just popped up with pcos after a lifetime of regularity, and normal u/s, and blood work? iam so confused here!

thanks, sherry

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