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Hey girls, :wave:
I was recently diagnosed with PCOS as well even though I have known I had it for years. No doctors would listen to me. I started my AF when I was 10 yrs old and it stopped at 12 yrs. I am now 28 yrs old. The severe acne and severe migraines started about this time and this is also when I started gaining weight. I was put on bcp at 15 yrs up until 24 yrs on and off. When I wasn't on the pill I never got AF. So according to my RE based on my hormone levels she said clomid would never work and that I must start on injections (Repronex) but my chances with that is about 10-15% of getting pregnant, she wasn't very optimistic. I am not severely overweight but it is extremely hard to lose weight. Well I am in the process of doing the injections (intramuscularly, ouch) and hoping to do my first IUI next week. Sorry for the novel but my point is that I think instead of just clomid or metformin, I think trying the injections would be better.
It is definitely a very hard thing to digest emotionally, mentally and physically. :dizzy: :dizzy: I have personally know women to have gotten pregnant with PCOS, but with my research it sounds like there are so many different situations with PCOS and I have also read there is no specific blood work to diagnose PCOS, doctors just diagnose it based on symptoms and hormone levels. This is so frustrating!!! Well I hope that I didn't bore you and that I was able to help. But I think we just have to keep trying. You know what really bothers me is that I have asked many doctors over the years if me not ovulating would be a problem conceiving and they all just said, "Oh, we will just give you some medicine and you will have babies!!" Well good luck and please don't give up. It seems like there are many women on this site giving us great and wonderful support. With out this site I think I would have just given up. I pray everyday for each and every one of you girls to have happy and healthy pregnancies. We can do this!! :D :D

Lots of love,
You should probably go to an Reproductive Endocrinologist and start with IUI's. Im surprised your OB/GYN hasnt refered you over with that history.
[QUOTE=emilycaitlin;2645119]Hello, I have pcos and was wondering if any of you have been able to get pregnant in spite of having this. I've read a few posts where some did and wondered if you conceived "naturally" or if not which medicines were able to help you? I have been trying to get pregnant for 7yrs but they can't even get me to ovulate because of this pcos. I'm going back to my re soon and was trying to get a few ideas or suggestions of things I could talk to him about in order to help me out. It's really getting depressing but I'm trying to stay positive. I used metformin but only a few months because I was so nauseated, will probably go back on it but I would appreciate any of your suggestions or advice. Thanks so much :angel: em[/QUOTE]

I really feel your frustration! I tried for 1 1/2 yrs to conceive and with no success. My husband and I then turned to fertillity treatments starting with clomid, 8 cycles, still no success. Then we turned to several injectables and iui's, Still no pregnancy. We had given up after many frustrating months, this continued for 2 yrs. And after we gave up i became pregnant naturally 3 months later and had a very successful pregnancy. good luck to you!!!

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