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I am 22 years old. This morning my doctor told me I have PCOS. I had suspected this is what he would find after all the tests... except. I have to wonder, is there different levels... or severity of PCOS?
Here is the facts:
-I DO have more hair then a lot of my peers, in a male pattern, but not so that i have to shave my face or anything, a waxing every other month is enough, and still the hair is soft not bristly....
-I do NOT have a weight problem, I am 5'9 and 140lbs, a very healthy weight and have never had an issue with keeping weight off regardless of what I eat.
- I do get sort of far spaced periods, (35 days apart) but they DO come, EVERY month EXACTLY 35 days apart without fail (unless under SERIOUS stress I have skipped 2 periods in the last 5 years, thats not too bad)
-The ultra sound did NOT see any cysts on my ovarys... no did the internal exam find anything out of the ordinary...
-I KNOW i do ovulate. I am very intouch with my body and always have been. I know that somtimes I will go month without ovulating, this has happend 2 times this year, but I know i usually ovulate...
-I get midcycle pain, but honestly, I wouldnt even call it serious PAIN, its just an annoing nagging feeling in my abdomine.
-I got my period at 16 and the first year it was all over the place but by 18 I was so regular I could set my watch to it, although they were quite heavy all along.
-over the years they have been regular in timing and I think pretty normal in heavyness, what ever "normal" means.
So where is the problem? Is it the fact my cycle is 35 days long instead of 28? Is it the mid-cycle pain? Is it the hair growth (which my mother and grandmother and sister all had, and I assumed it was DARK eastern european hair)?
I guess I started to go to the doctor because of the dull aching mid cycle pain and painful periods... and now I have PCOS? Does this even SOUDN like PCOS ... perhaps very slight?
My husband and I have decided we would like to try to have a baby but reading around the internet all you see is how high the risks of miscarraige are with PCOS, so I am scared to try because of this! My sister had PCOS and it resulted in 2 tubal pregnancies and eventually a hysto!! THis was by the age 27, luckily she had a child at a very young age (before her PCOS really took off) so was not shut out from being a mother. i do not want to follow this, we decided to have children young as we are stable and settled into our home and jobs but now this...
I feel too young to struggle with infertility that i dont even KNOW i have... we only ditched the b.c. THIS month so I dont knwo yet what my trouble will be. Honestly, i am more affraid of having miscaraiges then NOT even getting pregnant to begin with!
But really.. does this even sound like PCOS and if so... perhaps a very mild case of it? I would love to know that "lots" of woman carry full term but the statistics seem stacked against that idea... the ones I have seen anyways.
anyone ? anything?
thanks for letting me rant on!
Boogiewoogie- what an encredible story, that after all of that you were blessed with a healthy daughter! Congrats!!

Barton- thank you for your input and opinion, you really made me think again.. what ARE they basing this diagnoses on?? I did get blood work and it came back that my testosterone levels were raised... You know the number 3.4 comes to mind... which he (yes it was a specialist, but a very hurried and kinda... arrogant one) he said that he considered this to be a 'mild' raise and not an extreamly high number... I forget what the 'normal' range for testosterone in women is... wish I didnt. But all my other hormones were in the normal range, just this one was elevated. And perhaps that was enough, with the male pattern hair and spaced out periods for them to say 'ok, this is what it is'. the doctor had tunnel vision im sure. I KEPT having to correct him when he would say "we need to get you having regular periods' - 'you will not ovulate if you are not menstruating' and the like...
I kept having to say ... 'no, I DO have periods, they ARE regular, they just come 5 days later every month, instead of the same day of each month, but ALWAYS 5 days later!' he just WASNT listening!! ARRRG.
And even MY doctor said it was more on the mild side...
but really, they call it "practicing" medicine for a reason!
So, I guess I just have to listen to my body. I know doctors dont have all the answers, and yes, perhaps a second opinion is in order. I suppose we will try to get pregnant and just like he said, if no luck by spring, we will go back. My biggest concern was some of the daunting stats. i have seen on the internet (BIG NO NO, researching on the internet, shame on me) that say 80% or higher of PCOS pregnancys end in miscarraige, those are some terrifieing numbers!
thank you again!

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