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A little backround....I'm 36 years old and up until this past August, have always been regular with my periods. I used to be every 28 days, but lately they have been 38-44 days between cycles. Feel good except some depression, and have been reading that this is usually treated with birth control. I've never been on it (pregnant once at 20) ....all I've ever read is that bc causes weight gain and breast enlargement. I just couldn't handle that...I am already a DD and at 118 lbs. and 5' 2", every pound shows. Is this true?

I have also had Type 1 juvenile onset diabetes since I was 5 years old....and bc warns of increased blood clotting in women over 35. (Ironically, my blood sugars have NEVER been BETTER since August when these weird cycles began).

Anyway, I'm really worried. Should I see an endo? What tests tell you definitively that you have pcos? Thanks!:wave:

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