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Re: New info
Feb 17, 2007
I can tell you that I had some success with low carb dieting and exercise. I was able to lose 50 pounds. The only difference I noticed besides the obvious weight loss was that the hair growth slowed down a bit and my periods became regular on their own without any intervention.

As for the insulite labs program...........I've heard about it before, but I'd be very leery. There is no cure for PCOS. I don't care what they claim. You cannot reverse PCOS. Depending on how you control your PCOS, your symptoms may become less severe, but I would be willing to bet that this program would not make them disappear alltogether. I personally haven't tried it because I don't believe it would work, but if someone on these boards has given it a whirl, I too would be interested in hearing about it.

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